#Popular Product Creator#

Every product can be a hot product after promotion by top online celebrities that are popular both in China and Thailand

Top Influencer TikTok International Thailand Area
Top 1 in TikTok China Thailand Area

#Traffic Generator#

* TikTok Targeting TikTok International & China Differentiated content distribution
* Grasp the bonus period of TikTok Batch production of high-quality content Continuous production of Internet celebrity IP to generate traffic

Over 900 million views per month

140+ Weekly video views

70,000,000+ Most popular video views

20,000,000+ Daily average video views

40,000,000 Total fans of all KOLs

100,000+ Number of new fans per day

Data of Top IP

@kikk (id : kikk0404)

Followers : 8,700,000+
Likes : 394,900,000+
Most popular video views : 69,100,000+

28 Days
Number of views : 235,357,261

7 Days
Number of views : 57,581,949